Santa Clara, Panama

Santa Clara - A brief History

Santa Clara, Panama is just over an hour west of Panama City and you can drive to the beach off the Pan-American Highway (Expressway). Santa Clara for the tourist has some pleasant accommodations & restaurants but it is mainly the beautiful white-sand beach, and with not too many people. During the week, the only signs of life you may see are a few fishing boats. The road from the highway (4 miles) to the beach is quite driveable.

John`s Recollections

Would I return. Yes for sure, and likely for a few days longer. The beach & accommodation will provide that incentive, yet it was an early morning fish harvest that helped to remind one of how the country really is. THIS IS PANAMA , a country of beautiful scenery, beaches and people but it still at times has very basic values showing others that life can be lived without the frills.
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Panama, Santa Clara - Our Video Clip Commentary
The drive from Panama City was quite scenic with many extinct volcanoes and small towns along the way. Santa Clara was suggested as having a great beach that was close to the city. We were not disappointed as the drive from the Pan-America highway to the beach yielded a small public park with beach access and even overnight hammocks for those that wished to sleep outdoors. We however chose the rustic accommodation next door, that provided comfortable lodging with restaurant facilities . Swimming and/or walking on the beach allowed ourselves to enjoy nature without normal North American type distractions. Development of the beach area is limited, but one of the activities that should be enjoyed is watching the early morning fish harvest . If you get close you may even be asked to participate.
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